About Markedit

It is Markedit's mission is to simplify and streamline the assessment, marking and reporting process to save educators and teachers time. We are an Australian team working with qualified teachers to deliver an automated and Simplified Marking Service (SMS). Founded in August 2017 we aim to be the world leader in teaching tools for streamlining the student assessment, marking and reporting processes.

The Markedit web-application offers a subscription-based service that is designed to give you full control of the process and data you wish to use in creating, assessing and reporting on your student achievements from both formative and summative assessment tasks.

The service can be applied to a range of industry and educational sectors for use in both training and curriculum-based learning environments. For information regarding our service agreement see our Terms of Service.

It is Markedit’s policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect from you while you are operating within our platforms and for further information on this please refer to our Privacy Policy.