Mark more assignments, faster.

More than rubric builder or report bot, Markedit is a simple marking service.

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Markedit is marking made simple.

Create, mark and report on your student assessments using automated workflows.

Create your assignment content in Markedit to include: outcomes, criteria and results.

Using Markedit, you can specify content by defining personalised assessment of learning outcomes, individual assignment criteria and possible results.

Create Assessments

Use formal curriculum expectations and outcomes to create assessment criteria and task feedback in interchangeable, easy to use, rubric cards.

Add Outcomes

Define expected outcomes and student overarching understandings to be tested by the completion of the assessment task.

Set Criteria

Set criteria to benchmark levels of student completion, accuracy and competency of the assessment task.

List Results

Make a list of all the possible results and their explanations a student can achieve on completion of the assessment task.

Mark your assessments faster, more uniformed and more accurately with access to Markedit's automated simple marking service.

Hundreds of assessments can be marked up to 90% faster with access to Markedit's streamlined, automated and customisable, workflows.

Mark Assessments

Student assessments are completed more uniformly and accurately using the automated simple marking service.

Add Class-lists

Once your assignment rubric is created, add classes or individual students to the marking schema. You can then move through the lists setting grades in batches and/or personalise comments as you go.

Simplify Workflows

The bulk of student feedback is automated in the report preview window with the addition of allowing teachers to customise greetings or personalsied feedback.

Save Time

The automation of repetitive tasks saves you up to 90% of time usually spent assessing student work. Allowing you to spend more time reflecting on teacher practice or updating classroom activities.

Reporting on your students' assessment results with Markedit is flexible, fast and comprehensive.

Reporting is easy with the Markedit exporting assessment results in useful formats - .CSV .DOCX .XLSX .PDF - making it easier to integrate with your organisation's formal reporting processes and procedures.

Flexible Reporting

Report student results for individual assignments based on rubrics or other criteria across all education sectors.

Export Results

Export student results for use in conjunction with other systems or processes.

Choice of Format

A choice of reporting format means you can produce different types of document for printing or sharing with educators across institutions, sectors or organisations.

Organisational Integration

Integration into organisational procedures and processes means you are adhering to official reporting requirements, while leveraging a personal time-saving service.

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